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Petition for an Extension of an Incomplete

Click here to download a "Petition for an Extension of an Incomplete"


1. If a student does not submit all of the required work by the last class meeting, it is the student’s responsibility to get the professor’s signature on a Petition for an Extension/Grade of Incomplete. These forms are in the literature rack on the wall outside of the registrar’s office. The professor has the right to not grant an extension. If the professor does grant the temporary grade of Incomplete, the work must be submitted to the registrar no later than 4 weeks from the end of the quarter in which the course was taken. The registrar will record the date on which the work was received and pass it on to the professor for grading. 

2. The professor will submit to the registrar a grade of Incomplete (I) and an alternate grade based on the work done to date (e.g., I/D). If the student does not submit the required work to the registrar by the deadline, the registrar will change the student’s grade to the alternate one submitted by the professor. 

3. Extensions beyond the deadline may be requested in exceptional cases. If the student cannot submit the work by the deadline, he/she must contact the Academic Dean and request an extension. The Academic Dean will then approve or deny an extension. 

4. In the case of an appeal, the final decision will be made by an ad hoc appeals committee comprised of the program director, a faculty member, a student appointed by the program director and a student chosen by the student making the appeal. 

            5. Student's responsibilities: 

a. Fill out a Petition for an Extension and take the original plus 2 copies of it to the professor for approval. Submit the original to the registrar, give one copy to the professor and keep one copy for your files. 

b. Complete required work and submit it to the registrar by the 4th week after the end of the quarter/term in which the course was taken. 

            6. Professor's responsibilities: 

a. Indicate on the Grade Report from the registrar an alternate grade based on the student’s work to date. 

            b. If the student petitions for an extension/grade of Incomplete, decide whether or not to grant it. 

            c. If the grade of Incomplete is granted, fill in your requirements for completion of the work on the Petition for an Extension/Grade of Incomplete form and sign and date it. 

d. The registrar will give you the student’s work when it is submitted. Evaluate and grade the work as quickly as possible. Complete a Change of Grade form and submit it to the registrar. 

7. The registrar will enter the professor’s final grade in the student’s record, and, in the case of Cooperative MDiv program students, forward that grade to the student's cooperating seminary.

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