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Recent article printed in the Oakland Press

December 8, 2013

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Dr. Jim Perkinson speaks regarding Pastors and social activism.

Student Kathryn Zywicki discusses why she was drawn to ETS, how she's been blessed

and enriched by ecumenicism and what she's learned and how her faith

YouTube Video

Graduate Rodney Gasaway shares his rich ETS experience.

YouTube Video

Dr. Perkinson shares his views on Religion and Faith in the 21st Century.

ETS Professor Jim Perkinson Interview

Pastor Semmeal Thomas discusses his ETS journey.

Pastor Semmeal Thomas

Dr. Wilma Johnson shares how her ETS training prepared her for ministerial leadership.

Dr. Wilma Johnson

Featured Prayer Leader: Dr. James W. Perkinson, Professor of Social Ethics, 

Ecumenical Theological Seminary 

at the The People's Prayer Breakfast on October 5, 2013

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