Many traditions. One Spirit.

Dr. Brandon Grafius

Director of the
Urban Ministry Diploma Program 

(313) 831-5200 ext. 217

Dr. James Waddell

Director of the Masters Programs

​​Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

(313) 831-5200 ext. 223

Dr. James Perkinson

Professor of Ethics and
​Systematic Theology

(313) 831-5200 ext. 212

Dr. Urias Beverly

Director of the

Doctor of Ministry Program

(313) 831-5200 ext. 216 


The academic programs of the Ecumenical Theological Seminary are designed to meet you where you are in your journey of faith and service and to help you to reach a new level.  

Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Harris 
President of Academic Dean
Professor of Biblical Studies

(313) 831-5200 ext. 209

Barbara Pye
Coordinator of Academic Initiatives

 and Registrar

(313) 831-5200 ext. 207