Many traditions. One Spirit.

Rev. Charles Christian Adams
Presiding Pastor Hartford Memorial Baptist Church

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Howard

Senior Pastor New Breed Church

Adjunct Professor, Grace College and Oakland County Community College

Rev. Scharron Rambus
ETS Student Life President
Shield of Faith Church

Rev. Dr. Urias Beverly
ETS Faculty Representative
Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program 

​Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Mr. Charles Rivers
Director of Community Relations - Southeast MI
Office of the Vice President for Governmental Affairs Detroit Center
Michigan State University  

Mrs. Monique Marks 
President and CEO
Franklin Wright Settlement, LLC.

Mr. Ronald E. Wagner, J.D.

Managing Principal and Chairperson, Kitch
​Attorneys & Counselors

Mr. Robert Bruttell

​Vice Chair

President, Bruttell Roofing

Rev. Dr.  Robyn Moore
ETS Alumni Association President
Pulpit Minister Hartford Memorial 
​Baptist Church 

Mr. Robert K. Johnson 
Field Supervisor, P and B Investments

Board of Directors