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Ecumenical Theological Seminary
Campus Security Policy

A Campus Security Officer (“CSO”) is on duty from 2:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., on days on which classes are held (i.e., Monday through Thursday and Saturday) and for special events as required.  The CSO patrols the ETS campus Administrative/Sanctuary building and parking.  By his presence, the CSO seeks to discourage criminal conduct on campus, by observing cars parked on the parking lot, keeping unauthorized persons off ETS premises, escorting or observing students and staff as they walk to and from their vehicles, and assuring the security of ETS premises during and after class.  Staff, faculty or students should call 911 to report a criminal incident, fire, or medical emergency and also report any such matter to the ETS Administrative Office (313) 831-5200 ext 226.  Where necessary or appropriate, the CSO will report a criminal matter, medical emergency, or other incident to 911 and the ETS Administrative Office, as appropriate.  The CSO can assist students, staff, faculty and visitors that may experience issues with their vehicles. The students, employees and visitors also share responsibility for their own safety and are encouraged to take precautions and report all incidents to the Administrative Office (313) 831-5200 ext 226 during administration hours or to the CSO after administration hours at (313) 831-5200 ext 214.  The CSO or his designee shall secure the building at night, set the alarm, and respond to any calls from our security alarm company.

Parking Regulations

Visitors may park in any parking space on the Northwest side of the Sanctuary building with the exception of spaces that are restricted, e.g. “Handicapped” parking spaces, or specially “Assigned” spaces. Students and faculty are required to park in spaces in the South parking lot- bordered by Edmund Place on the Northeast and Southeast side of the building with the exception of spaces that are restricted. The parking lot is lined and vehicles are to be parked within the designated spaces. There is no parking on the diagonal yellow lined areas at the ends of each row in any parking lot. Students and faculty are to enter the seminary buildings through the rear lobby door using an assigned security badge.

Severe Weather

In the event of a tornado during administration hours, the CSO or Administrative Office will notify all persons in the building to move to the basement area, an interior room or hallway away from windows and doors. The CSO will announce when it is clear to leave the area. 

Seminary Closing — due to weather or other emergencies

At any time that it is necessary to delay opening of the seminary or to close the seminary, please listen to local television station affiliates of ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC and radio station WWJ for those specific announcements.


In the event of a fire, a phone alarm will be announced and Floor Captains will be authorized to evacuate their floor to designated areas at the east end of the campus and the west end of the campus. Staff Floor Captains and/or faculty will take a headcount and match it to their attendance sheet. Any person(s) unaccounted for should be reported to Fire department personnel immediately, and then to the Administrative Office (313) 831-5200 x226 during administration hours or to the CSO after administration hours at (313) 831-5200 ext. 214 as soon as possible.  The CSO will immediately call the President and Vice President for Administration to report any persons unaccounted during a fire after administration hours.

Injury & Illness

In the event of a medical emergency, notify the Administration Office at ext. 226 from any Seminary phone, or (313) 831-5200 x226 from a non-college phone. After administration hours, call the CSO at (313) 831-5200 ext 214.  Help will be dispatched to assist. If the emergency is life threatening and there is no time, immediately dial 911 and report the emergency. After calling 911 in such an event, also call the Administrative Office during administration hours or the CSO at (313) 831-5200 ext 214 after administration hours.


In the event of a crime committed on campus during administration hours, call the Administration Office at ext. 226 from any Seminary phone, or (313) 831-5200 x226 from a non-college phone.  After administration hours, call the CSO at (313) 779-3832.  The CSO or a designee will respond, conduct an investigation, file a report, and notify the local police if necessary. If a crime is in progress, call local police at 911 and then call the Administrative Office or the CSO as appropriate.

ETS 2016 Crime Statistics Data updated October 2017

Weapons, Drug & Alcohol Policy

Students, employees and visitors are expected to observe all Federal, State and local laws and Seminary regulations regarding the use of weapons and illegal drugs and alcohol.  No weapons, illegal drugs or alcohol are permitted on the campus of ETS.

Policy

All invitees and guests, in the building for a specific meeting or consultation are required to sign in upon entry to building. They are also identified by a Visitor’s Badge. If the planned engagement involves more than 6 people, they must sign in and be directed to the meeting place by ETS personnel.

Campus Security