Deacon Training Program

ETS in partnership with Detroit area churches in introducing a new program that can help your ministry.  This program is designed for churches that consider competent Deacon Ministry essential to the success of their ministry.  We are mindful that the term "Deacon" is used differently in various denominations.  Those interested in our course should be aware of what the educational and ordination requirements for a Deacon are in their own denomination.  

Pastoral support and membership care are key roles for the New Testament Deacon.  During an intensive 12 week course of study, the Deacon will be exposed to a broad spectrum of topics that will affirm and reaffirm this important ministry.  The program will include a total of 20 hours of classroom instruction on Thursday evenings (6:30pm to 8:00pm) over a 12-week period from February 24 thru June 2, 2011.
Marks photo
Dr. Bertram L. Marks, Esq.
Dr. Kenneth Harris
Rev. Dr. Kenneth Harris

Instructors are Dr. Kenneth E. Harris, Senior Pastor of Detroit Baptist Temple and ETS Professor of Urban Ministry and Biblical Studies along with Dr. Bertram L. Marks, Esq., Senior Pastor of First Community Baptist

Church and ETS alumnus (DMin). 

For Registration questions, contact the ETS Registrar's Office at 313-831-5200 ext 207.  The link to register online is below.


At the end of the study, a certificate will be awarded to:

  * confirm the successful completion of this challenging program

  * certify that the student has met all course requirements

  * certify a Deacon who better understands the vitally-important role the competent deacon-servant plays in his/her local church ministry

Course Description
 This course will be an examination and overview of the biblical role of the office of Deacon in the New Testament. This course will include a total of 20 hours of classroom instruction over a 12-week period. This course will include an in depth analysis of the biblical terms and issues related to this important support ministry.  After successful completion of this course, the student will be awarded a certificate in recognition of his/her competence in this area of study.
Course Organization

This course will include weekly lectures and reading assignments as outlined in this course syllabus.  The course will be divided up into three four-week modules.  This course will also make use of the ETS Library and various scholarly sources.  In addition to lectures, students will be required to complete homework assignments and participate in class and small-group discussions.

General Course Objectives

As the result of taking this course, the student will:
Understand the role of the Deacon from a biblical perspective.
Understand the historical development of the role of Deacon throughout Church history.
Understand the modern role of the Deacon in light of its Scriptural origin and historical development.

Course Requirements

Students are expected to attend all class sessions.
Students must complete all reading assignments prior to class.
Students must be prepared for occasional quizzes.
Class participation will be a major part of class expectations.
There will be ministry application assignments at the local church of the student where aspects of what is learned are applied in a practical way.
Successful completion of the course will be measured by the successful completion of the course requirements discussed above.

Program Costs

Tuition                                             $300.00

Registration/Application Fee        $30.00

Course Pack                                      $15.00

* a flexible tuition payment option is available if needed. 

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for this program.   COURSES BEGIN FEB 24, 2011.