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Student Grievance Policy and Form




Occasionally, a student may have unresolved non-academic issues with faculty or staff.  If such a situation develops, please follow the following procedure:


  1. Communicate your concern as clearly as possible with the faculty or staff member.  If necessary, communicate the matter in writing.


  1. Schedule a time with the other party to discuss the issue further, as appropriate.


  1. Make every effort to reach an understanding with the other party.  Prayerfully, these efforts will result in a satisfactory mutual understanding and resolution.


  1. If matter cannot be resolved, advise the other party that you wish to refer the matter to a third party; specifically the Director of Student Life, for resolution.


  1. Submit a completed Student Life Request /Grievance /Suggestion form to the Director of Student Life within ten days of the meeting with the faculty or staff member .


  1. The Director of Student Life will respond within ten days and take the appropriate steps to work with both parties to resolve the matter.


  1. The resolution determined by the Director of Student Life is final and not subject to grievance.



  1. In the case of academic issues or questions, students are required to:

a.       Clearly articulate the matter to the respective faculty person within ten days.  The faculty person will be able to clarify any course requirement(s),or explain the rationale for grading procedures. 

b.       The student should be prepared to complete the course requirements as noted by the professor.

c.       If unresolved, the student should refer the matter to the Program Director, in writing, within ten days of discussion with faculty person.  The Director will respond within ten days in an attempt to get the matter resolved.



If any grievance remains unresolved after exhausting the above steps, the matter should be referred to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for review and resolution.  After receipt of the appeal, the VPAA will render a final decision within ten days.  The decision will be final.


Finally, don’t forget to make such concerns a matter of prayer and personal reflection.



Feb 21, 2012, 1:11 PM