Many traditions. One Spirit.

Dr. Constance Simon

Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program

​(313) 831-5200, ext. 205

Doctor of Ministry Program

The Doctor of Ministry Program offers training in ministry beyond the initial experience of pastoral commitment. It intends renewal for the minister and the congregation. An academic and practical program is developed with an emphasis geared to the minister's specific need. Interpreting the meanings of theological symbols in the lived experience of ministry brings the whole context of faith to bear on immediate existential challenges of ministry. Worship, prayer and meditation are explored as basic ways of understanding and living ministry. The program of study is developed within the experience of a colleague group. Intensive experiential colleague groups provide the setting in which students and faculty will learn, teach, and pray together. The theory and praxis of ministry grow together through personal vulnerability and mutual support and confrontation, thus modeling faithful and effective ministerial leadership. The ETS Doctor of Ministry program is a three-year process of personal and professional growth. The program involves the following:
Two Emergent Weeks of study per year, occurring in August and January. Each week will include worship, a theme course, core courses, and group interaction.

Participants are required to complete six theme courses, six core courses, and attend colleague groups. Colleague group participation is an essential context for community support and accountability, for consultation on issues in the individual ministry setting, for integrating the learning of the programand for receiving feedback on writing. Six summary papers are required following each Emergent Week, as well as six Dissertation Component papers. Culmination of the program is the ministry event, which will demonstrate the participant's growth and excellence in ministry. For more information on this program please consult the ETS Academic Catalog.