Many traditions. One Spirit.

Urias H. Beverly

Professor  of Pastoral Care and Counseling 

William Danaher, Jr. 

Professor of Theology, Ethics and the Arts

Brandon Grafius

Special Assistant to the Dean - Academic Administration

Director of the Urban Ministry Diploma Program

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Kenneth Harris

President and Academic Dean

Professor of Biblical Studies
Tony Curtis Henderson

Director of the Ministry Practicum Program

Associate Professor of Practical Theology
Oscar King III

Associate Professor of Urban and Faith-Based Economics

Olaf Lidums

Associate Professor of Urban and Ecological Studies

James W. Perkinson

Professor of Ethics and Systematic Theology

Constance Simon

​Director of Doctor of Ministry Program

Special Assistant to the Dean - Academic Policies and Assessment

Assistant Professor of Christian Education

James Waddell

Director of the Masters Programs
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Faculty Resources

Faculty Emeritus/Emerita

Adjunct Faculty

Special Assistant to the Dean - Academic Policies and Assessment


Ecumenical Theological Seminary is very proud of its faculty members.  Not only are our faculty members established members of the academic community and excellent instructors, they also are very active in ministerial roles.  We believe that our faculty members are the best suited group of individuals to help our students live out what they learn at ETS.  Below is a list of faculty members and their titles, you can click on their names to see a detailed biography.