Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Workshop Series

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Set aside your Saturdays, adjust your schedules, and mark your calendars for this 
year’s exciting line-up of topics and presenters. Workshops for this academic year 
are listed below.

Workshops are open to ETS students, faculty, staff, friends, and 
community members. 

Cost for each workshop is $40. To register and pay online 
please go to the ETS web site at Select  
Register, then Workshop Registration and follow the printed 

Paul as an Urban Prophet - WS 300             

October 19, 2013

Dr. James Waddell, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Ecumenical Theological Seminary

The Apostle Paul faced many challenges while doing mission work in the cities of Judea, Syria, Asia Minor, Macedonia, Greece, and Italy.
This is clearly reflected in his letters and in the narratives in Acts. 
 In this workshop we will explore the kinds of challenges Paul faced in the first century
and how they were not unlike the challenges facing those engaged in urban ministry today.

The Church & The New Racism: Trayvon Martin, Voting Rights, & the Take-Over of Detroit – WS 301

November 2, 2013

Dr. James Perkinson, Professor of Social Ethics, ETS; Special Lecturer in Communication Studies, Oakland University

This workshop will articulate a challenge to the Church to respond to our contemporary situation of  racialized politics with prophetic vision and pastoral savvy. 
Specifically we will look at the linkage between national issues of policies that have racist effects (such as Stand Your Ground Laws, and the roll-back of Voting Rights)
and the imposition of an Emergency Manager on Detroit.  The focus of the workshop is to deepen understanding of "what's going on" and explore some of the possibilities of response.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: A Model for Prophetic Preaching in the Contemporary World – WS 307

January 18, 2014

Dr. Michael Nabors, Director Master of Divinity Program, Ecumenical Theological Seminary; Faculty, Marygrove College

 This workshop is designed to introduce participants to underlying prophetic motifs found in selected sermons by Dr. King.  The sermons will include;
The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life, Eulogy for the Martyred Children, and The Drum Major Instinct.
  Considerable attention will be given in
 encouraging participants to find their own prophetic voices in the sermonic moment.

God’s Grace Through Grief – WS 302

February 15, 2014

Dr. Edward Knox, Pastor New Mt Vernon Baptist Church; Psychologist;  Mentor/Adjunct Professor ETS

The workshop will give the student a historical, Biblical, Theological and practical perspective on grief. Subsequently the course will equip the student with various tools
 and insight on what is grief, how to grieve, the benefits of grief and the 5f formula on how to resolve grief.

Self Care for the Minister – WS 303

March 22, 2014   

Rev. Denise Henderson, Associate Minister Hartford Memorial Baptist Church; Certified Leadership/Wellness Coach

In this interactive workshop participants will explore a model of Holy Health which includes wellness as the integration of mind, body and spirit and the ongoing
development of one’s own purpose in life. We will examine the ministry leader’s role in the area of wellness for others in their faith-based community.
Participants will develop strategies to help them create a balance between self-care and the needs of their ministries.

 Religion in the Public Square: Intersection of Faith and Politics – WS 304

April 12, 2014

Donna Matteis, ESQ

This seminar will look at the legal bases that separate church and state. It will also explore how religion has played and continues to play a role in politics in the United States.
Finally, while exploring why Christians have sometimes been reluctant to bring their faith to the public square, 
we will examine how Christianity calls us to participate in political dialogue.

Mental Health Resources for Ministry – WS 305

May 3, 2014

Belinda Evans-Ebio, LMSW;  Social Worker

One of the biggest yet most overlooked challenges to the church today is recognizing the signs of emotional stress and mental illnesses within the congregation.
The minister and the ministerial staff need to be able to know the signs of mental illness and recognize that prayer alone may not be enough to assist people in mental distress.
This workshop will give basic information for those in church leadership to recognize the warning signs of mental illnesses and will provide resource guides giving trained
professionals and agencies that can be contacted for referrals or emergency assistance.

For further information or to register your group, please contact Ms. Elle Folson at 313-831-5200, extension 207 or by email at  

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