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Master of Arts

MA (Academic) - Master of Arts

Purpose of the Degree

The Master of Arts Degree is designed to provide a course of study that focuses on theological, ethical and biblical disciplines that prepare students for further graduate study.  The program will offer concentrations in academic areas with the study of specific disciplines.  While the professional Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) focuses on church-related vocations, students who choose the academic Master of Arts degree can pursue the academic study of religion in preparation for advanced master’s degrees like the Th.M. and terminal degrees like the Ph.D.  The degree would give students the opportunity to prepare for careers in teaching and other scholarly endeavors.  For those in ministry vocations who prefer a more scholarly approach to religious studies, this program would also be worth some consideration.

Program Content

The academic MA requires 72 quarter hours to complete.  Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.  The course requirements for this program include specific concentrations of academically-orientated core courses.  In addition to these courses, students have the opportunity to select elective courses from other programs, including the MAPM.  To complete the program, students will complete an 8-hour Theological Research seminar and research project paper or other summative project approved by the professor and the concentration coordinator.

MA concentrations available are:  Biblical Studies, Theology and Ethics.  Each concentration will require the following distribution of credits:

                 Concentration Core Credits                          44
                 Three additional concentration courses    12
                 Four elective courses                                     16
                 Total                                                                  72

The academic MA degree is offered in response to a growing interest in programs that offer an alternative to the MDiv degree.  The majority of our students are second and third-career persons, many who are already ordained locally and involved in ministry as pastors, ministers and lay leaders.  ETS has a highly qualified Faculty with degrees and scholarly work that validate their competence to teach the courses that comprise the academic MA degree and the proposed areas of concentration.  Many of the courses are already being taught as part of our core masters-level requirements. 

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