Many traditions. One Spirit.

Dr. James Waddell 
Director of the Masters Programs
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies 
(313) 831-5200, ext. 223

The ETS MDiv degree is as unique as Detroit! This marvelous and spiritually alive city, historically associated with innovation and craftsmanship, is now home to a new departure in theological education among American seminaries. Here at ETS, we love the academic world and the flow of theological ideas that runs through our daily lives. But we love the region even more, with its rare opportunities for services and engagement with the challenging issues of the 21st century. The degree requires 114 quarter credit hours (28.5 courses) to complete.

Four key concepts characterize theological study at ETS: (1) ethics-learning to become more concerned with the life [and light] of the other, (2) leadership education-learning to become unsatisfied with "cheap grace" and how to change the communities in which God has planted us, (3) dialogue-learning to position others as our teachers of God, and God's will, and (4) communication-learning the art of sharing and receiving information in an attitude of trust, in an age more characterized by "back-room" deals and "playing it close to the vest."

At ETS we are very proud of our faculty members.  We employ  very accomplished faculty members who come from very diverse backgrounds.  Our faculty embrace the concept of being full practitioners as well as teachers.  We like to say that our faculty members have "one foot in ministry and service, and another in academia."  The diverse nature of our faculty members and their real life ministry exemplifies the attributes we promote at ETS. 

Finally, ETS fully embraces the revolutionary potential of the modern age of electronic communication. We still believe in the primacy of face-to-face learning, but we have incorporated the Internet throughout all aspects of institutional life. We believe that the selective utilization of this tool enables a deeper ETS experience and expands the possibilities of who may enter our theological laboratory. 

Master of Divinity Program