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Book Lists

SPRING 2011:

B6250: Matthew      Astrid Beck        Required Texts

    Brown, Raymond E. S.S. An Introduction to the New Testament. Doubleday, New York. 1997. ISBN     0-385-24767-2. Amazon.

    Reid, Barbara E. The Gospel According to Matthew. Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN. 2005. ISBN        978-0-8146-2860-7

B7010: The Prophetic Tradition     Charles Mabee     Required Texts

    John W. Miller, Meet the Prophets. Paulist Press (October 1987)  ISBN-10: 0809128993
    ISBN-13: 978-0809128990 $16.95

    Joseph Blenkinsopp,  A History of Prophecy in Israel.  Westminster John Knox Press; Rev Sub             edition (September 1996)  ISBN-10: 0664256392  ISBN-13: 978-0664256395  $30.00

    Michael J. Gorman, Elements of Biblical Exegesis.  Baker Academic; Rev Exp edition (October 1,         2008)  ISBN-10: 0801046408  ISBN-13: 978-0801046407  $14.95

BL6002:  Hebrew Exegesis  Brandon Grafius   Required Texts

Using same books used in first two quarters, with one addition:

    Ruth:  A Handbook on the Hebrew Text. Robert D. Holmstedt.  Baylor University Press, 2010.               ISBN 9781932792911

BL6120:  Greek Exegesis, Ephesians   Kenneth Harris   Required Texts

    Hoehner, Harold W.  Ephesians:  An Exegetical Commentary.  Baker Academic, 2002.          0-8010-2614-8

    Mounce, William D.  Interlinear for the Rest of Us:  The Reverse Interlinear for New Testament         Word Studies.  Zondervan, 2006.  0-310-26303-4

    A good modern translationof the Bible (NASB, NRSV, ESV, NIV)

ETH5000:  Church and Society   James Perkinson   Required Texts

    Quinn, Daniel. 1992. Ishmael. New York: Bantam Books.

    Albrecht, Gloria. 1995. The Character of Our Communities: Toward An Ethic of Liberation for the         Church, Nashville, Abingdon Press.

    Cone, James. 1997 (1975). God of the Oppressed, Maryknoll: Orbis Press.

    Perkinson, James W. 2004. White Theology: Outing Supremacy in Modernity. New York: Palgrave         Press

    Rasmussen, Larry. 1997. Earth Community, Earth Ethics, Maryknoll: Orbis Press

WINTER 2011:

Introduction to Christian Education: J. Kilmer       Required Texts


    Freire, Paulo, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, 30th Anniversary Edition, New York:

Continuum Publishing, 2008, ISBN 0-8264-1276-9, $17.50.


    Hill, Kenneth H. Religious Education in the African American Tradition: A Comprehensive

Introduction, St. Louis, MO, Chalice Press, 2007, ISBN 978-0827208209, $18.25.


    Palmer, Parker J., The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of A Teacher’s Life,

            San Francisco, CA, Jossey-Bass, 2007, $18.50.


    Tye, Karen, Basics of Christian Education, St. Louis, MO, Chalice Press, 1993,

ISBN 978-0827202290, $13.00.

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