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Master of Arts

Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry Program

     The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry is a 72 quarter hour program designed to meet student need for pastoral-theological formation for ministry in a variety of venues, many of which will benefit from leadership with an advanced theological and practical ministry education, but which do not require a Master of Divinity degree. The MA is designed to be completed in two years of full time study or 3-5 years of part-time study.The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MA) was established as a new program at Ecumenical Theological Seminary (ETS) prior to the 2006-2007 academic year. It received approval from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in February of 2007.

     The program consists of a “foundational” course selection of nine required courses (36 credits), an identified area of “concentration,” one or two electives, an internship, and a final project. The internship and the final project must be related to the area of concentration.

The general outline of a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry degree is as follows:

  • The foundational course selection of required courses (36 credits).
  • 12 to 16 credits in additional courses related to the student’s chosen “concentration area,” depending on whether there is a required course such as PM 5001 (Formation for Ministry) or TPM 5012 (Intro to Pastoral Care & Counseling ) that is already included in the foundational course selection.
  • The Internship (8 credits)*
  • The Final Project (8 credits)*
  • Electives (4 – 8 credits)
*The Internship and the Final Project MUST be directly related to the subject area of the concentration.
The “foundational course selection” of nine required courses consists of the following:

PM 5001Formation for Ministry4 quarter hrs
PM 5002Tradition and Trends in Ministry4 quarter hrs
ID 5020Methodology: Biblical, Theological4 quarter hrs
B 5120Foundations of the Old Testament4 quarter hrs
B 5121Foundations of the New Testament4 quarter hrs
SYS 5120God and Humanity in Context4 quarter hrs
ETH 5000Church and Society4 quarter hrs
HIS 5020Growth & Dev. of Christianity I, or 
HIS 5120Growth & Dev. of Christianity II, or 
HIS 5220Growth & Dev. of Christianity III4 quarter hrs
TPM 5012Intro. to Pastoral Care &Counseling4 quarter hrs
The required internship and final project courses are:
PM 5100Supervised Internship8 quarter hrs
PM 5200Final Project8 quarter hrs
The remaining courses (20 credits) are selected from the program’s course offerings to fulfill the requirements of the student’s “concentration” and the MA degree.
The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry program presently offers four concentrations:
  1. General – The student will complete the required “foundational courses,” five electives, the Supervised Internship, and the Final Project. This concentration allows the student maximum opportunity to “customize” his or her educational experiences to address specific goals or needs.
  2. Pastoral Care and Counseling - In addition to the Pastoral Care and Counseling course which is part of the foundational requirement, the student will take three additional courses in Pastoral Care and Counseling. Both the “Supervised Internship” and the “Final Project” will focus on Pastoral Care and Counseling. The student will have two courses open for electives. With the permission of the internship instructor, the student also may have the option of designing a “Clinical Pastoral Education” (CPE) internship and incorporating it into this concentration.
  3. Spirituality – In addition to the Formation for Ministry course which is part of the foundational requirement, the student will take three additional courses in Spirituality. Both the “Supervised Internship” and the “Final Project” will focus on Spirituality. The student will have two courses open for electives. The student also may have the option of registering for a spiritual direction internship and incorporating it into this concentration.
  4. Social Justice- In addition to completing the required foundational courses, the student will take three specified courses for this concentration. The courses that fulfill this requirement are: both the Supervised Internship and the Final Project will focus on Social Justice.
  5. Pre-doctoral – Students who are interested in entering the Doctor of Ministry program at ETS who have a masters degree other than a Master of Divinity may complete an MA concentration designed to address prerequisites for the D. Min. program. Students in this concentration must be admitted to the MA program and have received “provisional admission” to the D. Min. program. Each pre-doctoral MA student will complete a specific plan of study approved by the directors of the D. Min. and MA programs and by the Academic Dean. While “advanced standing” may be granted based on previous graduate study, this concentration will require that a minimum of 36 credits be taken at ETS.
Descriptions of the Four Required Courses unique to the MA in Pastoral Ministry
PM 5001 Formation for Ministry. This course is designed to help students build a strong spiritual foundation for ministry. The course touches on aspects of ministry such as prayer, spirituality, personal growth and integration of family, academic and ministerial responsibilities. It includes a
day-long retreat.4 quarter hrs
PM 5002 Tradition and Trends in Ministry. This historical and theological survey of the evolution of Christian ministry will examine the ordering of ministries, women in ministry, ecumenism and ministry, team ministry, the future ministering
community, etc.4 quarter hrs
PM 5100 Supervised Internship. This internship provides an opportunity for experience-based learning in a supervised ministerial setting. In consultation with the internship faculty member, the student will arrange for and design a field experience related to his or her area of concentration.
 8 quarter hrs
PM 5200 Pastoral Ministry Final Project The final project provides the opportunity to demonstrate integration of academic theology with pastoral work in a chosen field of ministry. The student will design an original ministry project, implement the design, and evaluate the project, writing a major report that will share the results of the project with
the larger academic community.8 quarter hrs
Dr. Anneliese Sinnott, O.P.
Director, Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry Program
2013-2014 Course Schedule

Master of Arts Program Manual 2010-11