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Muslim Chaplaincy Program

The Muslim Chaplaincy Program (MCP) is a program designed for people of the Muslim faith to help them become chaplains.  However, it is open to anyone who chooses to participate. There are a great number of Muslims in southeast Michigan, but only few who are educated and trained in the practice of chaplaincy, a profession that involves extending spiritual care and counseling in institutional settings.  

Although there are many Muslim patients, staff and doctors in hospitals, healthcare agencies, hospices, and other extended care facilities, there are hardly any chaplains in these institutions.  There is a crying need for Muslim chaplains to fill this void.  The UMD-MCP program will prepare the participants to facilitate or accommodate the religious and spiritual needs of Muslims. It will not only prepare them for service to Muslims, but will also train them to provide spiritual care, and advice to others who may need them.

The goal of the UMD-MCP program is to train students to become spiritual caregivers and to prepare them for contributing to public discourse on ethical and spiritual issues.  Not only will this program train Muslims as good spiritual therapists in healthcare, but will also help them to develop their mentoring and counseling skills that are needed in the Muslim community, within and outside the mosque setting. Such professional skills will enable them to offer spiritual advice and care in a specific institutional context, such as a military unit, a college campus, a hospital, or a prison.

This program is a collaborative partnership between ETS and Muslim community leaders.  Members of our advisory council include Victor Begg of CIOM and Eide Alawan of the Islamic Center of North America.


Muslim Chaplaincy Course Documents

Contact Dr. Urias Beverly or Imam Mustapha Elturk if you have questions about the program.

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Click here for a PDF document outlining the program in greater detail.