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Urban Ministry Diploma

The Urban Ministry Diploma Program (UMD) is a non-degree course of study in theology and ministry designed for clergy and laypeople. The aim of the program is to provide theological and ministerial training that is concise, practical, specific to urban church ministry, multicultural, cross-cultural and ecumenical in focus. It is intellectually and spiritually empowering for use by any Christian tradition working in the urban context.

This is a program that embraces and reflects the heart and soul of the city and surrounding communities. The program, begun in 1994 as the Christian Ministry Diploma Program (CMD), targeted persons who desired a seminary-type educational experience that would ordinarily be out of their reach. The UMD Program offers alternative seminary ministry training that is urban-focused at its core. Each of the eight courses includes 30 hours of classroom instruction over a ten week period.

 UMD Course Schedule 2012-13

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