PNBC Support for Seminarians

Progressive National Baptist Convention Seminarian Development Program

Reverend Samuel Nixon, Jr., Director

Mission of the Seminarian Development Program  

The Seminarian Development Program (SDP) enables the support and development of seminarians and prospective seminarians, as developing leaders, through collaborative relationships with PNBC churches and PNBC supported institutions (seminaries, Black colleges and universities, businesses, and agencies), as well as related agencies, in a global environment.

The Programs of the SDP consist of the following:

  1. 1.An annual SDP Track, conducted during the PNBC Annual Session, is a program that provides seminarians and prospective seminarians an opportunity to meet with PNBC leadership and experience presentations and work sessions to equip current and potential seminarians in their preparations for leadership service.

  2. 2.The SDP Visitation Program develops stronger ways of working with seminaries and theological institutions, as places where seminarians are being nurtured to become equipped for leadership positions within global communities of service.  The SDP Visitation Program makes site visits to collaborating seminaries to help develop stronger programs for enhancing the quality of  the seminarians' development experience and to introduce the institutions to and/or update them on the PNBC.

  3. 3.The SDP Internship/Scholarship component (in development) is meant to provide financial and other resources to seminarians through responsible work/project assignments and opportunities to support their seminary and real-life ministry preparation in collaboration with PNBC churches and theological institutions.

  4. 4.The SDP Global Exchange Program (in development) is an international exchange program meant to expose seminarians to ministry opportunities and experiences in cultures other than their own country of origin, to increase the effectiveness of their ministry capacity and leadership.

  5. 5.The SDP Advisory Committee is responsible for providing guidance and advisement to the SDP Director and for making recommendations, as requested, to the further development and strengthening of the Program.

Contact for the SDP:  

Reverend Samuel Nixon, Jr., Director,
P. O. Box 34412 , Washington, DC  20043
Telephone:  703-212-8988   Fax:  202-543-6300