United Methodist Scholarships

The following are standard criteria for EVERY program:

  • Applicants must be an ACTIVE, full member of The United Methodist Church for at least ONE year. Membership is determined by the date the applicant was confirmed and took membership vows with a United Methodist church. (Members of other Methodist denominations are not eligible.)
  • Applicants must be pursuing a degree program at ANY accredited institution within the U.S.
  • High school students may apply IF they will be college students in the fall term.
  • Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  • Applicants are required to be full-time students according to their school’s standards for the program for which they are enrolled.

The Bishop James C. Baker Award

These awards are for campus ministers in higher education doing advanced studies who have had at least 3 years of professional experience in campus ministry; have an M.Div. and expect to remain in campus ministry; be an active, full member of the UMC for at least 3 years prior to application

The Native American Seminary Award

Award for Native American students pursuing a degree at a University Senate- approved seminary. Funded through the Native American Ministries Sunday Offering. Must have been a member of the UMC for at least 3 years; born of Native American/American Indian/Alaskan Native parentage (at least one parent); documentation of affiliation required; be in candidacy process of ordination; and demonstrate involvement within the Native American community.

The John Q. Schisler Award

Graduate award for students enrolled at a University Senate approved theological seminary in Christian education preparing for a career as a lay professional or ordained deacon in full connection in a local UMC; must have been a member of the UMC for at least 3 years; and GPA of 2.85+. This graduate award is not for students planning to be an ordained elder.

The Special Seminary Scholarship

Student must be pursuing ordained ministry as a vocation; be under 30 years of age (unless applicant is a renewal); be attending a UM-related seminary or school of theology; and in pursuit of an M.Div. degree.

The Rev. Charles W. Tadlock Scholarship

Applicants must be a certified candidate for ordination as an elder in the UMC and have successfully completed first year of seminary; GPA of 2.85+; be an active, full member of the UMC for at least 1 year; and a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. This scholarship is derived from a will, and preference is given for persons from the Missouri East and West Annual Conferences; however, all who meet other requirements will be considered.