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Statement of Educational Effectiveness

ETS prides itself on serving non-traditional students. Almost all of our students are second-career students, and are attending graduate school while working, caring for their families, and serving in their churches. As a result, our graduation statistics look a little different from those of most schools as well. We’re not concerned with the percentage of students who finish their Master of Divinity in 3 years, because most of our students are attending school part-time and plan to take much longer to finish their degree. We’re more concerned with whether our students finish in a timeframe that works for them and helps them to meet their own goals.

Our most recent graduation statistics are presented below; these include both the percentage of students who have completed their degree/diploma, as well as students who are continuing to work towards completing. Combining these two statistics gives a more complete picture of the work ETS is doing to serve its student body.

Our graduates go on to do work in many different areas of ministry, most frequently parish ministry and chaplaincy. In a typical graduating class, roughly half of our Master of Divinity students will find an immediate calling, while most of the others continue to work towards ordination through their denomination. Many of our Urban Ministry Diploma students enter into the program as pastors, deacons, and teachers in their churches, and continue these roles after graduation. ETS continues to be proud of the work our students and graduates do in the community of Detroit and beyond.


Click here for ETS graduation statistics.