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BS7102 Gospel of Mark

This course offers a detailed historical study of the Gospel of Mark and its presentation of Jesus as the suffering messiah.

BS7105 Johannine Tradition

This course offers a detailed historical analysis of the Johannine Tradition. The focus of this course is an in-depth study of the Gospel of John, the Letters of John, and the Apocalypse of John.

 ⁄   ⁄  Master of Arts (Academic), Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

TPM6005 Introduction to Christian Spirituality

In this introductory course important facets of Christian Spirituality will be highlighted. Spirituality will be examined in relationship to theology, faith, psychology, history, and culture.

TPM7001 Church Management for the 21st Century

This course will explore issues of organizational change, church financial management, mobilizing volunteers, analysis of ministry context, personnel management, building utilization, and creating effective evangelism and mission programs. A portion of this course will include dialogue with practicing pastors from the Detroit area in their context of ministry.

UM101 Community Seminar in Urban Ministry

This course is an introduction to ministry in the urban setting. Through site visits and classroom discussions, the theology and practice of ministry in the city is examined and evaluated.

UM102 Church History: The Untold Story

This course will examine American Church history with emphasis on the particular contribution and influence of the African American Church. The Canadian Church will also be discussed.