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BLH6000 Biblical Hebrew Exegesis

This is the Third quarter of a three quarter sequence in the study of biblical Hebrew.

BS5200 Introduction to the New Testament

This is a general introductory course to the New Testament with an emphasis on the historical contexts and unique theological perspectives of the individual New Testament texts.

BS7104 Luke-Acts

This course offers an in-depth historical critical reading of the two-part New Testament text known as Luke-Acts. Special attention will be given to the author’s unique perspective on justice issues, such as racism, the subversion of cultural expectations of the roles of women, and exploitation of the economically marginalized by the wealthy elite.

ETH6100 Theoretical Foundations of Christian Ethics

This course explores the meaning of ethics, the principle sources of ethical wisdom and various systematic approaches dealing with ethical dilemmas.

,  ⁄   ⁄  Certificate in Theological Studies, Master of Arts (Academic), Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, Master of Divinity

FE7003 Field Education (Spring Term)

This is the third of a required three-quarter (one-year) sequence. Field Education provides the student with the opportunity for experience-based learning in a supervised ministerial setting.

PM5000 Formation for Ministry (Year 1)

This course is designed to help students build a strong spiritual foundation for ministry.

PM6000 Traditions and Trends in Ministry

This seminar will investigate the biblical, historical and theological development of the
practice of ministry in the Christian traditions.

PM7002 Final Project (Spring Term)

This is the second of a two-part course designed to help students recognize and evaluate a ministerial need, formulate an effective plan to address the need, meet specific contemporary needs by implementing the plan, and adequately evaluate the results of the execution of the plan.

SYS7001 Christology & Culture

This course looks at the way culture was adapted by Jesus to galvanize a peasant resistance movement in Palestine, how the creativity went urban and outlaw under Paul, became bardic and monastic with the Iris, adopted griot features in slavery, shamanic savvy in Brazil, guru-wiles in India, and continues to twist domination into vitality and defiance under the beats and braggadocio of hip-hop today.

,  ⁄   ⁄  Certificate in Theological Studies, Master of Arts (Academic), Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, Master of Divinity

TPM6002 Introduction to Preaching

This course introduces the student to both the theory and practice of preaching by studying a variety of sermons, communications skills, modes of preaching and use of Scriptures.

TPM6004 Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling

This course will cover basic types of professional pastoral care and counseling that have become normative for traditional Protestantism in the 21st century, along with more recently articulated African-American and feminist approaches.

TPM7003 Church Leadership for the 21st Century

This course explores the personal leadership styles, values and principles of a congregational leader, especially as they are manifest in non-church, mission culture of our time.

UM104 Christian Scriptures (New Testament)

This course is a general survey and critical review of the literature of the Christian Scriptures.

UM107 Theology in Context

This course introduces the student to the complex world of theological thought and theory. The purpose of the course is to help the student learn how to do theology with his/her context in view.