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BST7201 Biblical Theology

From the various “theologies” of the Bible, you will explore options in developing a holistic understanding of the biblical message from the biblical text itself.

ETH7002 Human Sexuality and Ethics

GEN5001 Introduction to Theological Writing and Research

This required course for first-year students explores the process of scholarly research and writing in theological disciplines.

HIST7001 Life and Thought of Martin Luther

This course will give an overview of Martin Luther’s life and his major writings.

,  ⁄   ⁄  Certificate in Theological Studies, Master of Arts (Academic), Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, Master of Divinity

TPM6006 Introduction to/Enrichment of Spirituality

TPM7004 Interreligious Dialogue

The emphasis of this course is on conversation with the authoritative voices that represent
diverse religious communities and living religions in America today, including imams, rabbis
and priests. You will also learn the basic principles of the world’s religions as you visit
mosques, temples, and gardens.

TPMT7001 Principles and Practices of Church Music

This course studies the history, theology and practice of Christian worship and music. It
examines the relationship between theology and worship by examining the biblical basis for
worship, the history of Christian liturgy and contemporary worship.