Church and Society - ETH6000



James PerkinsonProfessor of Ethics and Systematic Theology

The foundational ethics course in the ETS curriculum. It will provide you with an analysis of the church in relationship to the world, including the following:

• Biblical-theological perspectives on community and mission

• Critical historical topologies of the relationship between Christ and culture and models of the church

• An in-depth focus on the issues of the church in contemporary North America in relationship to issues of economic justice, racism, patriarchy and the environment.

Throughout the course the problem and possibility of ecclesial “integrity” will be continuously questioned: how to “become” the church on a journey of transformation that is simultaneously contemplative, communal and accountable to broader social struggles. Each of these levels of concern serves as tests for the other. You will also examine the local church as a community of faithful witness and merciful work as it strives to nurture worship and wisdom and sagacity in dealing with personal weaknesses and interpersonal conflict.