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Accredited Degree Programs

Ecumenical Theological Seminary degrees are fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS). ETS degrees accredited by ATS are the onsite MDiv, the onsite MAPM, the onsite MA (academic), the online MA (academic), and the DMin.

Accreditation means that the faculty and administration of ETS have engaged in literally years of research into, and have given extensive consideration for, the many details that go into making a degree from ETS a quality and respected degree. And this is on an ongoing basis.

The process of accreditation is a rigorous one. The highest academic and administrative standards are required of the school, in order to meet the accountability of ATS accreditation.

A non-accredited degree program at another institution may seem more appealing because of the price. Non-accredited schools, however, are not accountable to an external accrediting review process, and therefore they can do whatever they want. In the end the cost may be less, but so is the value of the degree. It is also a very real problem that credits earned for courses taken at non-accredited schools cannot be transferred to accredited schools. The value just isn’t there.

Hiring institutions, churches, denominations, etc., view a degree from an accredited school as an invaluable necessity because of the recognized quality and proven academic rigor of the instruction provided.

Like many other top tier schools and seminaries, Ecumenical Theological Seminary is accredited by ATS. Just a handful of examples of ATS accredited schools are Aquinas Institute of Theology (St. Louis), Chicago Theological Seminary, Covenant Theological Seminary (St. Louis), Eden Theological Seminary (St. Louis), Harvard University Divinity School (Boston), Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Princeton Theological Seminary, Saint Paul School of Theology (Kansas City), University of Chicago Divinity School, Wartburg Theological Seminary (Dubuque), Yale University Divinity School.

ETS is in very good company. You would be, too, after earning your accredited degree from ETS!