Dr. Brandon Grafius

Director of the Urban Ministry Diploma Program
Dr. Brandon Grafius grew up in East Lansing, Michigan and earned a BA in English from Michigan State University. He lived in California for six years, during which time he earned an MA in English from the University of California-Davis and worked as a freelance film reviewer. After moving back to Michigan, he completed the Master of Divinity program at Ecumenical Theological Seminary in 2010.  He received his PhD in Hebrew Bible from Chicago Theological Seminary in 2017. A revised version of his dissertation, entitled Reading Phinehas, Watching Slashers: Horror Theory and Numbers 25, will be published by Lexington Books/Fortress Academic in the spring of 2018. He is co-editor of the monograph series Horror and Scripture, also from Lexington Books/Fortress Academic. He teaches courses in Hebrew Bible, Biblical Hermeneutics, and Theory at ETS.