Rev. Dr. Genetta Y. Hatcher

Vice President of Operations

Rev. Dr. Genetta Y. Hatcher is affectionately called the “Preacher in Blue Jeans.” The focus of her ministry is based on John 21:15-17 where Jesus commissions Peter to feed His sheep. Rev. Hatcher offers a unique approach to Biblical interpretation that starts and ends with her “one sermon” which has at its base a message of encouragement, acceptance, and hope. Like Peter she feels a call to nurture and encourage God’s peoples into wholeness. And how else to reach them, but in blue jeans?

Pastor Hatcher proudly and lovingly serves as the Campus Pastor at Third New Hope Baptist Church-West Campus located in Detroit, Michigan. Third New Hope is One Church in multiple locations and is blessed to be under the dynamic leadership of Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Edward L Branch. Pastor Hatcher has faithfully devoted more than 30 years to the life of the Third New Hope church family, serving in numerous capacities and positions including: Youth Ministry, Worship Arts, Worship Design, Bible Teacher, Deacon, Sacred Sisters Ministry to Women, and others.

Pastor Hatcher loves ETS and proudly and frequently shares her seminary experience with whoever will listen. In addition to her administrative roles, Rev. Hatcher also serves the Seminary community as Seminary Pastor. Her responsibilities include all the duties traditionally assigned to a Director of Student Life and inflected with an intentionally pastoral focus.

Pastor Hatcher serves as an adjunct professor for Heritage Center for Religious Studies in Detroit, Michigan, teaching a course on Women in Ministry. She is also a proud member of the Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity.

Pastor Hatcher prides herself on being an ecumenical preacher. The spirit has allowed her the gracious opportunity to share her ministry gifts with churches of diverse and various denominations in Metro Detroit and beyond.Her passion for preaching aligns with her passion and calling to support pastor/preachers and their families. One can often find Pastor Hatcher sitting in the company of our children, at the feet of the elderly or somewhere in the back of a church listening to good preaching. Rev. Hatcher is also a gifted writer. She calls words her “dry tears.” As a result she loves to create “dry tears” via plays, prose, inspirational blogs and an occasional poem.

Beyond the four walls of the church, she considers it a privilege to have shared with numerous outreach ministries across Metro Detroit including Detroit Rescue Mission, Juvenile Detention Center and Genesis House.

After close to 35 years in leadership at AT&T, Pastor Hatcher retired in December 2013.  While at AT&T she received numerous accolades, commendations and certifications. She was well respected for her integrity as a leader and her commitment to mentor and coach those whom The Spirit sent her way. Her love for ETS matches that of her love for Cass Technical High School where she graduated in 1979.