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Ecumenical Theological Seminary is a unique convergence of students, staff, and faculty from a wide diversity of Christian communities, traditions, and contexts. Some of our students come from the interfaith community, which enhances even more the conversation and growth of our ETS community. To sit around a table or to meet in an online classroom to discuss historic movements of theology from the perspective of the present-day communities that have developed out of those movements is at the same time both a challenging and an exhilarating experience.

It is because of our unity in Christ and love for our neighbor that we come together with respect, to engage each other in a conversation that challenges us to look beyond our individually embedded theologies. We challenge each other to see that there are others asking some of the same questions about our relationships with God and each other, and even to see the nuancing of the questions in ways we may have not yet considered.

It is an exhilarating experience to come away from the conversation with a broadened and deepened awareness of the diversity of ways in which reading authoritative texts and doing theology can be engaged.

We at ETS view our ecumenism in terms of both dialogue and action. What we do is also very much a part of the conversation. Engaging our various communities in acts of social justice in the name of Christ both informs and brings to fruition the ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.

This is our culture at Ecumenical Theological Seminary. Come and join in the ecumenical experience.