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This is one in a series of profiles of 2019 graduates of ETS. Commencement ceremonies for the 2019 ETS graduating class is at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 1 in the sanctuary.



Lisa Taylor


ETS: What degree will you be receiving?

Taylor: Doctor of Ministry in Professional Education and Leadership


ETS: What do you do now for work?

Taylor: I am a chaplain educator.


ETS: What are your goals/plans after graduation?

Taylor: To continue my chaplain educator program and become a Association of Clinical Pastoral Education Certified Educator.


ETS: Why did you choose ETS?

Taylor: I chose ETS because of their Doctor of Ministry program that had an emphasis and concentration on Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).


ETS: How did you hear about ETS?

Taylor: One of my colleagues heard about ETS and thought it might be a good fit for me.


ETS: What was the best part of your experience at ETS?

Taylor: The best part of my experience was sharing the journey with my Colleague Group and my Emergent Week Groups. Both groups were helpful in my DMin process and both groups played a key role in my transformative process.


ETS: And the worst?

Taylor: Trying to figure out the process and what I was supposed to be doing


ETS: What would you tell anyone who asks, “Why go to seminary?”

Taylor: Seminary is a place where you can gain theological education along with spiritual formation, which is critical to your personal and professional developmental and it can be transformative.