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ETS President Kenneth Harris In Israel As Part of Delegation of U.S. Theological Schools

Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Harris is among a delegation of American seminary presidents touring Israel, including visits to some of the Bible’s most holy sites.

During his weeklong trip, Dr. Harris and the delegation will attend multiple meetings meant to inform American leaders about Israel’s complex past, present and future.

As a guest of AJC – Global Jewish Advocacy’s Project Interchange, Dr. Harris hopes to gain knowledge that speaks to his own personal interest in the region and also apply what he learns at home in Detroit.

It’s Dr. Harris’ second visit to Israel, and he is just as curious and questioning this trip as he was the first.

“I’ve always been a student of Israel and its past, its connection to the Bible,” said Dr. Harris, who on his first trip was a guest in the homes of Israeli families who did not always appreciate his straightforward questions. “Being there knowing the significance of this place, it’s a lot to wrap your head around. There is so much to learn about peace and violence and mutual respect across religions.”

The visit with eight other seminary presidents will take Dr. Harris through Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, as well as studying holy sites, the country and region’s financial and political situations and more.

“You can imagine seminary school presidents are going to ask many, many questions,” he said last week while preparing for the trip.

With ETS’s belief in respecting all faiths and educating students in theologies of the world, Dr. Harris’ learnings will go into writings and perhaps public presentations to students, faculty, ETS supporters.

Stay tuned. And as they say in Israel when wishing peace, harmony, goodwill: Shalom.