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ETS is hosting a workshop, “Uncovering the ‘Hidden’ Biblical Identity of the So-Called Negro,” on Friday, Feb. 8 and Saturday, Feb. 9.

The two-day workshop for students and the community facilitated by Ron Dalton and co-facilitated by Ken Howard. The objectives of the workshop are to better understand: the scattered descendants of Biblical Hebrew Israelites in B.C. times; the identity of the sons of Noah is crucial to understanding end-times Biblical prophecy; the connection between the descendants of Bantus people in Africa and the Children of Israel; and, the authentic children of Israel by birthright.

Dalton is a professor of Hebrew Education and History at the Hebrew Academy of Detroit and author of the book series, “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America.” Dalton just released a movie based on his books, and is working on “Hebrews to Negroes: Reclaiming the Throne,” which is a collaboration movie documentary to show the migration of the Hebrew Israelites into Africa, along with their diaspora via slavery to “The Nations.”

Howard is an adjunct professor at ETS and professor of Hebrew Studies, Practical Ministry & Systematic Theology at the Hebrew Academy of Detroit. He also is the senior pastor of New Breed Assembly and author of “The Forgotten Ways: A Deviation of Biblical Practices and Worship.”

Prior to the workshop, Dalton answered a few questions about the workshop for ETS.

ETS: Have you presented this workshop before, or something similar? If so, when and where?

Dalton: Yes, at different churches in different states.

ETS: How did the idea come to you both about this workshop? Was this something you had been thinking about doing for a while?

Dalton: The workshop material is based off the Bible and the years of research I’ve done into the descendants of Noah’s three sons (Ham, Shem Japheth) and the Real Children of Israel, all of which I put into my four books, podcast shows and my just-released movie.

ETS: Tell me some of the objectives/goals of the workshop.

Dalton: To teach correct Biblical history as relates to the Table of Nations and the Real Blood descendants of the Israelites.

ETS: For students at ETS, why should they attend? What are they going to learn that might help in their future studies?

Dalton: That Noah’s three sons and their descendants still exist on earth today but an “identity theft” has happened a long time ago with the Sons of Shem and the Children of Israel, mostly by the Gentile Nations of the Lineage of Japheth.

ETS: For folks who aren’t seminarians, what things could they learn at the workshop and how might it help in their understanding of their faith?  

Dalton: Understanding who the Real Children of Israel are today changes how we perceive today’s three Abrahamic religions and world events that revolve around them. Also, it shows how Christians for years have been blessing the wrong people and have been oppressing the Real Children of Israel.