Administrative Staff

Rev. Dr. Genetta Y. Hatcher

Vice President of Operations

313-831-5200, ext. 226

The Rev. Dr. Genetta Y. Hatcher is affectionately called the "Preacher in Blue Jeans.” The focus of her ministry is based on John 21:15-17 where Jesus commissions Peter to feed His sheep. Her greatest passion is feeding God’s peoples. She feels a call to nurture and encourage them into wholeness; And how else to reach them but in blue jeans? Recognized as a uniquely gifted preacher of the Gospel, Dr. Hatcher’s messages are known to be Christ-centered, practical and empowering.


Dr. Hatcher prides herself in being an ecumenical preacher. This spirit has allowed her the gracious opportunity to share her ministry gifts with churches of diverse and varying denominations. Outside of the four walls of the church Dr. Hatcher considers it a blessed privilege to have shared her ministry gifts with various outreach ministries, i.e., shelters, youth detention facility and the Milan correctional Institution.


Dr. Hatcher is a gifted writer who has written several plays, skits and poems. She has plans to complete her first book in the very near future.


After nearly 35 years in various leadership roles at AT&T Inc, Dr. Hatcher retired in 2013. While at AT&T she received numerous accolades, commendations and certifications.  She affectionately refers to her time at AT&T as her first pastoral position.  Dr. Hatcher is currently employed at her beloved Ecumenical Theological Seminary (ETS) where she serves as the Vice-President of Operations and Seminary Pastor.


Dr. Hatcher is a member of the Council of Baptists Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity and serves on the boards of Crime Stoppers of Michigan as well WomanPreach Inc, a national organization whose purpose is the training and empowering of preachers across denominational lines.

Pastor Hatcher holds a BA from Spring Arbor University (Spring Arbor, MI) and both a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degree from Ecumenical Theological Seminary (Detroit). The topic of her doctoral dissertation is "Marriage, Celibacy and Responsibility: A Threefold Approach to Christian Sexuality”. She remains passionate about the need for the church to begin to discuss and teach a sexual theology that includes responsibility as a sacred discipline.

Dr. Hatcher lovingly and faithfully served the Third New Hope Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan for close to 40 years in numerous leadership/servant roles. Third New Hope is One Church in multiple locations and Dr. Hatcher was blessed and privileged to serve as the Campus Pastor of the West location for close to 10 years. This was a love affair between pastor and people that will serve as one of the best chapters of her life! Dr. Hatcher resigned from her pastoral role in January 2020 as she was moved by The Lord. She is excitingly awaiting and anticipating her “next”. Stay tune---there is more. In the meantime, she is a sought-after preacher who eagerly shares Christ’s message of encouragement and liberation!  


Dr. Hatcher is peacefully single and lives in the Metropolitan Detroit area.











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