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Date: June 19, 2018

To: ETS Community

From: Dr. Kenneth E. Harris

Re: Doctor of Ministry Program Leadership Change


I wanted to share that Rev. Dr. Urias Beverly will be stepping down as Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at the end of the current academic year after fifteen years of distinguished service. Dr. Beverly has served in this capacity with great distinction and unmatched passion. His skills as a pastor, caregiver and scholar have resulted in rich dividends to the entire ETS community, particularly our doctoral students. Thank you Dr. Beverly!

Rev. Dr. Constance Simon, Assistant Professor of Christian Education and Special Assistant to the Dean, has been appointed as the new Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program. She will officially assume her duties July 1, 2018. Dr. Simon brings solid academic and professional credentials to her new assignment. She has already started working with Dr. Beverly to ensure a smooth transition. I have directed Rev. Dr. Simon to begin planning for August Emergent Week and recommend other changes as she deems appropriate. Rev. Dr. Simon has already begun diligently working in this regard.

Rev. Dr. Simon’s appointment will signal a new direction for the DMin program. We will embrace and/or improve upon what has worked well for so many years in this program. We will also move forward with innovative new ideas that will assist in equipping leaders for the 21st century Church while ensuring a stronger academic experience for our students. Some changes will be subtle; others more immediate in their impact.

The objective: Develop a top-tier rigorous doctoral program that builds upon a solid foundation of the past and attracts the best possible candidates to engage our doctoral process.

Dr. Beverly will not disappear. He will be available to offer support and assistance to Rev. Dr. Simon as needed. Dr. Beverly will as well be considering potential teaching assignments and will offer support when needed with new DMin CPE cohorts.

As expected, your cooperation and support during this transition is deeply appreciated.


Dr. Harris