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ETS in ACPE News

The Professional Education and Leadership D.Min. from the Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit, MI celebrated its first graduates. Congratulations to Rev. Dr. Randy Meyers and Rev. Dr. Lisa Taylor!

This innovative program was started by ACPE Certified Educator Rev. Dr. Urias Beverly and further developed by ACPE Certified Educator Rev. Dr. Dennis Kenny, ACPE’s 2019 Distinguished Service Award recipient. The Professional Education and Leadership D.Min. connects a degree to ACPE’s certification process. It allows Educator Candidates and Certified Educators the opportunity to coordinate their ACPE growth and materials with a D.Min. degree and to receive credit for previous ACPE education. The degree is two years instead of the usual three.

ACPE funded two years of scholarships for students. Participants in the program share their experience and observations below.

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