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Section I - Facility

This is a three-story and basement, masonry and steel frame construction building with six exits from the front of the building and three exits from the back of the building. The first floor through floor three is occupied as offices, sanctuary, classrooms, kitchenette, and maintenance room. The second floor is occupied as offices and a classroom. The third floor is occupied as offices and a classroom. Bathrooms are also located in the basement, on the first, second, and third floors.

Standpipe systems are not located in each floor stairwell. Smoke detectors are located throughout each floor in offices and corridors and the fire alarm is located in the Renaissance area, and 1st floor. The building does have an emergency fire alarm system located on the first/mezzanine and second floor. Fire extinguishers are in the building as indicated on the attached floor plans. The building does not have overhead sprinklers. Flammable liquids are not stored. The electrical room is located in the basement near the restrooms. The building is heated by 1 boiler.


The gas shut off is located in the utility room off from the library.

Section II - In the Event of Fire

The fire alarm is always on and will sound if a fire condition is detected. When an alarm occurs, both the keypad and external sounders will sound, and the keypad will display the zone(s) causing the alarm. An alarm message will also be sent Allstar Alarm, LLC Company 800.854.9705.


When the fire alarm sounded, all students and staffs are to immediately evacuate the building. The security person/staff on duty will check the panel and note the problem area. If safe they will check the problem area. If no fire condition is discovered, they will disarm the system and notify the fire department. An announcement will be made that all is clear. Re-entrance into the building will then be permitted.  


If there is a fire, the assigned floor coordinators shall take charge of assisting other employees, students and visitors in evacuating their floor via the closest unobstructed stairway for exit outside of the building. The evacuation of the building is required for all.


Once outside of the building, everyone is to stay in the location directed by the floor warden and stay out of the way of firefighters. Those exiting the rear door should go to the back and stand near the fence. Those exiting from the side door (Edmund Street) are to head toward Woodward and stand to the right of the building away from the parking entrance. Those exiting the front will also stand to the right of the building away from the parking entrance Woodward and Watson.

Section III - When You Discover a Fire

1. In the event of a controllable fire, fire extinguishers are provided at various locations throughout the seminary buildings. A more serious fire should activate the installed fire detection system and it, in turn, should inform the fire department. Water should never be used on electrical fires.


If a fire is detected, and no alarm is sounding, immediately pull the fire alarm if it has not already sounded and then proceed to a safe location and call 911. Give name, address, and details of fire emergency. As possible, notify security/assigned staff as to the fire location and severity.


NEVER VERBALLY YELL “FIRE” whereas it may cause panic.


2. When possible, isolate the fire and close the door to the fire scene after all persons have been evacuated from the vicinity. When not possible proceed to the nearest available exit.


3. The last person out of the room shall verify that the room is empty and close the door.


(Note: Do not attempt to extinguish a fire, unless the fire is small, and you have received the proper fire extinguisher training and the proper fire extinguisher is available and ONLY AFTER CALLING 911). As a rule of thumb, if you cannot extinguish the fire after using two fire extinguishers, confine it and evacuate using nearest stairway.


4. Floor coordinators shall take a head count and report all missing persons to firefighters in charge at the scene.


5. Remember, once you leave the building, do not re-enter for ANY REASON, until you have received an all clear from the Fire Department and/or floor coordinator/security.


Please Note: It is impossible to anticipate every fire situation; however, the above fire safety procedures have been utilized to cover most fire situations. For further information call the Fire Marshals Office 313. 596.2968.

Section IV - Evacuation Plan and Drill

Written records of all emergency evacuation drills shall be kept on the premises. Those records will include:

  • The Name and position of the person conducting the drill

  • Date and time of the drill

  • Notification method used

  • Staff and Faculty on duty and participating

  • Number of occupants evacuated

  • Any special conditions that should be noted or problems encountered

  • Weather conditions when occupants were evacuated

  • Total time required to accomplish complete evacuation

Emergency evacuation drills shall be initiated by manual announcement or via the intercom system (phone system).


As building occupants arrive at the assembly point, efforts shall be made to determine if all occupants have been successfully evacuated or have been accounted for.


A manual signal will be used to recall occupants after an evacuation. No one shall reenter the premises until authorized to do so by the official in charge.

Section V - Building Floor Plan

(See attached Floor Plans which lists where the fire alarm symbols, quantity and locations for the affected floors. Special Note: Pull station locations)

Rev Floor Plan Layout 12.2020.png
Rev Floor Plan Layout 12.2020-2.png
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