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Identity, Mission, Vision

We are a unique convergence of students, staff, and faculty from a wide diversity of Christian communities, traditions, and contexts.

Statement of Diversity

As ETS students, staff, and faculty who come together in a community of learning we believe that God calls us as people of faith to be accepting of all people. We practice this inclusiveness in many ways, but as an academic community we particularly embrace all persons, regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or age, who exhibit the necessary academic skills for leadership training to serve the church in its many manifestations.

Further inspired by the life of Jesus Christ and the overcoming of his violent death by God’s mercy, we believe that God calls each of us into relationship and specific ministry. As a community we understand ourselves to be enriched by the diversity of persons who come to us to discern the specific nature of ministry and to learn effective skills in carrying out that ministry in today’s world.


Some of our students come from the interfaith community, which enhances even more the conversation and growth of our ETS community


To sit around a table or to meet in an online classroom to discuss historic movements of theology from the perspective of the present-day communities that have developed out of those movements is at the same time both a challenging and an exhilarating experience.

It is because of our unity in Christ and love for our neighbor that we come together with respect, to engage each other in a conversation that challenges us to look beyond our individually embedded theologies. We challenge each other to see that there are others asking some of the same questions about our relationships with God and each other, and even to see the nuancing of the questions in ways we may have not yet considered.

It is an exhilarating experience to come away from the conversation with a broadened and deepened awareness of the diversity of ways in which reading authoritative texts and doing theology can be engaged.

We at ETS view our ecumenism in terms of both dialogue and action. What we do is also very much a part of the conversation. Engaging our various communities in acts of social justice in the name of Christ both informs and brings to fruition the ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.

This is our culture at Ecumenical Theological Seminary. Come and join in the ecumenical experience.

Identity Statement


Ecumenical Theological Seminary provides a multi-confessional and multi-cultural Christian theological education within an urban context, while also engaging in interfaith dialogue. Our approach creates spiritual leadership through personal transformation, social responsibility, critical reflection, and academic rigor. ETS graduates are prepared to lead communities of faith while sharing the fullness of God’s love in relation to various ecumenical, interfaith, political, social, economic, and cultural contexts.

Mission Statement


Ecumenical Theological Seminary (ETS) provides a multi-confessional, multi-cultural Christian theological education that prepares individuals to participate and lead while sharing the fullness of God’s love and concern for justice in the communities they serve.

Vision Statement

We fulfill our mission through the following platforms …

Engagement …


We fulfill our mission through relationships that are established throughout the Metro Detroit community and beyond. These relationships assist the seminary in the identification of need and in the formation of partnerships with students, churches, the media, donors and other organized entities.

Education …


We fulfill our mission by developing and maintaining a variety of educational programs including, MDIV, MAPM, MA and DMIN. In addition to these degree programs ETS offers a variety of workshops and certificate programs.

Sustainability …


We will fulfill our mission by developing and maintaining a strong financial and facilities management plan.


ETS prides itself in being not just a school, but a family.  We care for and take care of one another whatever life may offer.

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