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Our faculty consists of excellent instructors, respected members of the academic community, practitioners in ministerial and pastoral roles, and activists in their communities.​

Our faculty is well-suited to help our students live what they learn at the Ecumenical Theological Seminary.

Trevor Bechtel 2.png

Rev. Dr. Trevor Bechtel

Adjunct Professor

Elaine Elizabeth Belz.jpg

Elaine Elizabeth Belz, PhD

Assistant Professor of Theology


Rev. Dr. Urias Beverly

Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

William J. Danaher, Jr......jpeg

Rev. Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr.

Professor of Theology, Ethics and the Arts

Floyd Davis.jpg

Rev. Dr. Floyd A. Davis

Adjunct Professor


Rev. Dr. John Duckworth

Doctor of Ministry Mentor

Mark Feldbush.jpg

Dr. Mark Feldbush

Adjunct Professor


Dr. Brandon R. Grafius

Academic Dean and Chief Academic Officer (CAO)

Director of the Urban Ministry Diploma Program Associate Professor of Biblical Studies


Dr. Brandon R. Grafius

Director of Urban Ministry and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Kenneth Harris website.jpg

Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Harris

President and Professor of Biblical Studies


Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Harris

President and Professor of Biblical Studies

Picture of Dr Tony Curtis Henderson 11.16.2022.jpg

Rev. Dr. Tony Curtis Henderson

Associate Professor of Practical Theology

WILLIAMS-JOHNSON-TRINA-mdiv-210209-001-LR (1) (1).jpg

Rev. Dr. Trina Williams

Doctor of Ministry

ACPE Mentor

LaDonna Holley.jpg

Rev. Dr. La Donna Holley

Doctor of Ministry Instructor


Rev. Dr. Kenneth Howard

Adjunct Professor


Dr. Imani Jones

Adjunct Professor


Dr. Dennis Kenny

Mentor, ACPE, DMin Program

Oscar King, III.jpg

Rev. Dr. Oscar King III

Associate Professor of Urban and Faith-Based Economics

Olaf Lidums.jpg

Rev. Dr. Olaf Lidums

Associate Professor of Urban and Ecological Studies

Kathleen Mackie.jpg

Rev. Dr. Kathleen Mackie

Doctor of Ministry Instructor and Mentor

Linda Morin (1).jpg

Dr. Linda Morin

Doctor of Ministry Mentor

Charles Packer.jpg

Rev. Dr. Charles Packer

Adjunct Professor

James Perkinson.jpg

Dr. James Perkinson

Professor of Ethics and Systematic Theology


Dr. Remonia Chapman

Doctor of Ministry



Rev. Dr. Constance Simon

Assistant Professor of Christian Education

Annelise Sinnott.jpg

Dr. Anneliese Sinnott

Professor Emerita of Systematic Theology

Dr. Carla Spight McCay.jpg

Dr. Carla Spight-Mackey

Doctor of Ministry - Mentor

Allen Timm.jpg

Rev. Dr. Allen Timm

Adjunct Professor

James Waddell.jpg

Rev. Dr. James Waddell

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Profile Picture_Dr. Wells.jpg

Dr. Henry Wells III 

Doctor of Ministry Instructor


Rev. Dr. Floretta Barbee-Watkins

Adjunct Professor

Kizzy Busch-Boyd 1.jpg

Kizzy Busch-Boyd


Theology of Practical Fellow

Ph.D. Candidate

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