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BST7500 Women and the Bible

2020 Summer / Theology Professor Anneliese Sinnott Professor Emerita of Systematic Theology Women are essential to the Bible - as well as the ways in which the Holy Scripture has been read and preached over the centuries. This seminar explores the importance of women from a variety of angles. We will study stories of women in the Old and New Testaments, as well as extra - canonical texts. We will consider how gender (and sexuality) shape biblical metaphors for God and their interpretation. We will explore how women have interpreted and made use of the biblical texts over the centuries - as well as how these interpretations have been received, embraced, and rejected by church authorities. In the format of seminar discussions that are introduced and contextualized by short peer-led presentations, we will engage how women's importance shapes (or should shape) our ministries and preaching today. The course will provide a foundation in feminist and womanist scholarship. Master of Arts (Academic), Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, Master of Divinity REGISTER

Dr. Anneliese Sinnott

Professor Emerita of Systematic Theology