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Rev. Dr. Floyd A. Davis

Adjunct Professor

THE REVEREND DR. FLOYD A. DAVIS has been serving as pastor of the Twelfth Street Missionary Baptist Church since February 1, 2004.  Prior to that calling he served as the pastor of the St. Francis Missionary Baptist Church for 10 years. His educational background includes a Doctor of Ministry degree from Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit, Michigan, a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia University, a Bachelor’s in Technology from the University of Dayton, and 35 hours of course work toward the Master of Arts with a major in Biblical Studies at Ashland Theological Seminary.


Rev. Davis currently serves the Metropolitan Missionary Baptist District Association of Detroit, Michigan, as the President of the Metropolitan Baptist District Congress of Christian Education, generating lectures and speakers as partial fulfillment of the vision of the Moderator of the District Association and Ecumenical Theological Seminary as an associate adjunct professor.  His spiritual gifts and responsibilities include certified teacher of several courses in the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education, which is the primary training arm of the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., INC.  Rev. Davis is an active member of the Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity


His professional business experiences, in addition to his pastoral duties include beginning in 1972 - Selected as an Administrative Intern for the Woodrow Wilson Foundation serving as Assistant to the Business Manager at Spelman College; Served as a Systems Analyst for the Burroughs Corporation; Served as a Programmer Analyst for the Advance Mortgage Corporation; Served as Programmer Analyst for the Ford Motor Company in various assignments; Served as Senior Programmer Analyst for the Occidental Petroleum Company; Served as Senior Consultant for the Systems International, Inc. Served as an Independent Contractor to many small businesses helping with the development, installation and maintenance of personal computer systems.  As an independent consultant, in cooperation with Drew School of Los Angeles, he served the University of Kinshasa in Zaire, Africa with the selection, installation and operation of a personal computer to analyze demographic data.


In November 1984, as a member of the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, he was found to be a "man of good report", "full of the Holy Ghost", and was appointed to be a Deacon where he served until 1988.  In 1986 he acknowledged the Call and Claim of Christ upon his life and began studying for the Gospel Ministry.  In April 1986 he was ordained a Deacon and walked out of the ranks of the Board of Deacons and into the Gospel Ministry.  In May 1988 he was licensed to preach the Gospel and in June 1990 he was ordained.  Rev. Davis is a devoted family man.  He has a wife, Odessa of 41 years, two adult sons, Nehru and Michael and one adult daughter Jennifer and five grandchildren, four boys and one girl.

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