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Rev. Dr. La Donna Holley

Rev. Dr. La Donna Holley was licensed as an Evangelist Missionary (2002) and licensed and ordained (2014).  Dr. Holley has served in various ministry capacities, and her labor of love is serving God’s people through prayer, love, encouragement, and compassion.  

As a life-long learner and Educator, Dr. Holley has taught as an adjunct faculty at various Colleges and Universities.  She holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources Administration from Central Michigan University, a Bachelors Degree in Human Resources Development from Oakland University, and a Doctorate of Ministry Degree from Ecumenical Theological Seminary.


Dr. Holley’s serves as the Sr. Vice President at Presbyterian Villages of Michigan where she oversees human resources, housing operations, organizational development, and serves as an Executive Team Member.  Dr. Holley serves on the Vista Maria Housing Board that provides services and housing to young girls.  

Doctor of Ministry Instructor

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