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Picture of Dr Tony Curtis Henderson 11.16.2022.jpg

Rev. Dr. Tony Curtis Henderson

For more than thirty-four years, the Rev. Dr. Henderson has had the opportunity to serve God through pastorates in seven Christian Methodist Episcopal congregations in the states of Alabama, Kansas, and Michigan, respectively. Presently, he serves as the founding pastor of Resurrection Christian Center. In addition to serving as a pastor, he has served as a teacher and pastoral leader in church discipleship ministries and institutes that were sponsored by various Methodist congregations and several Baptist congregations. His ministry has included roles in the development of the Edmonds-Carr Nonprofit Housing Corporation, being an Adjunct Hospital Chaplain, and serving as a Theological Field Education Supervisor.

In 2004, he was invited to ETS to teach and to direct its theological field education program, which is known as Ministry Practicum. One of the rich qualities of this vocation that he really loves is the diversity of its faculty and staff. Another aspect of his calling is teaching and learning from his students who come from various traditions within the Church, as well as, from diverse ethnic communities throughout the state of Michigan. Finally, a very significant part of his calling has to do with his constant advocacy for the intentional integration of spiritual or theological theory/principles with ministerial and/or ecclesiastical practice as the minister and the congregation look critically and honestly at the church’s mission against the landscape of devastating social, political, educational, economic, and justice issues that manifest themselves daily in the life of our various communities.

Associate Professor of Practical Theology

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