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More than 60 years of Ministerial Education


Degree Programs


We offer many different degree programs at ETS to serve students with a wide variety of educational

backgrounds and vocational goals.  Start exploring to see which one might be right for you, or call our

admissions office to start a conversation.

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  • Doctor of Ministry
    The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) Program offers training in ministry beyond the initial experiences of pastoral commitment. It intends renewal for the minister and the congregation. As an academic and practical program, the ETS D.Min. program has been developed to emphasize ministers' specific needs. Interpreting the meanings of theological symbols in the lived experience of ministry brings the whole context of faith to bear on immediate existential challenges of ministry. Worship, prayer, and meditation are explored as basic ways of understanding and living ministry. Learn More
  • Master of Divinity
    The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is designed to be completed in 3 years of full-time study, but many students complete the degree in 5 - 7 years on a part-time basis. The program balances academic engagement with practical experience, while seeking to empower students to develop their spirituality and sense of calling. Students in this program find themselves strengthened academically and experience tremendous personal and spiritual growth. Learn More
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies
    This is a Master of Arts degree with a concentration in Theological Studies. The degree program is designed with more elective courses to give the student the freedom to customize their MATS degree to suit their interest in theological education. Learn More
  • Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry
    The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) program is designed to meet students' needs for pastoral-theological formation for ministry outside the local congregtion in a variety of professional venues that desire practical ministerial leadership skills, but do not require a Master of Divinity degree. Learn More
  • Master of Arts (Academic)
    The Masters of Arts (MA) is an academic degree program offering a course of study in Biblical Studies. The MA program is intended to prepare students to seek further graduate study in pursuit of the terminal degree in Biblical Studies. Learn More
  • Certificates
    Each year ETS offers sequences of four interconnected courses. These courses can be taken individually, but students in the MDiv or MAPM program who complete all four will receive a certificate in the appropriate area of specialization. These certificates allow students to explore particular topics more deeply, and also demonstrate a focused area of study and expertise to future congregations and potential employers. Certificate offerings rotate on an annual basis. Current and upcoming certificates are: 2021-22: Family Ministry 2022-23: African-American Religion, Pastoral Counseling Learn More
  • Certificate in Theological Studies
    The Certificate in Theological Studies is designed for individuals who want to deepen and enrich their spiritual life through theological study, who are exploring their call to ministry, or who want enhancement of their theological knowledge in service to the church. Classes taken for the Certificate in Theological Studies are eligible to be applied to the MDiv or MAPM should the student choose to enter either of those programs. Learn More
  • Continuing Education
    ETS welcomes students who have already completed their Master’s degree to use any course not already represented on their transcript for continuing education. A 4-credit course will count as 4 Continuing Education (CE) Units, and the student will receive a certificate upon completion. CE students are expected to participate fully in the course and complete all assigned work. CE students will receive a Pass/Fail grade for the course. CE students must possess a theological Master’s degree from an accredited institution. (Students without a Master’s may either audit courses, take workshops, or enroll in a program to pursue a Master’s degree.) Students applying for CE must fill out the application on the ETS website. The only additional requirements are unofficial transcripts indicating the completion of a Master’s degree. The cost for taking a Master’s course as a CE student is $1000. This is less than half of our standard tuition cost, in an effort to acknowledge and honor the work of pastors and other ministry practitioners, as well as to show appreciation for the prior academic work represented by their Master’s degree. READ MORE
  • Urban Ministry Diploma
    The Urban Ministry Diploma Program (UMD) is a non-degree course of study in theology and ministry designed for clergy and laypeople. The aim of the program is to provide theological and ministerial training that is concise, practical, specific to urban church ministry -- and that is multicultural, cross-cultural, and ecumenical in focus. The only requirement for entrance is a High School Diploma or GED, as well a a passion for ministry. Students who excel in the UMD program may be admitted into one of ETS's Master's programs, even without a Bachelor's Degree. Learn More


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