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TPM6001 Introduction to Christian Worship

Based on the premise that leading worship is a minister’s primary responsibility, this course provides an overview of Christian worship from historical, cultural, and pastoral perspectives.

TPM6002 Introduction to Preaching

This course introduces the student to both the theory and practice of preaching by studying a variety of sermons, communications skills, modes of preaching and use of Scriptures.

TPM6003 Introduction to Christian Education

This course will introduce you to the basic theoretical concepts and practices that support a congregation’s educational ministry.

TPM6004 Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling

This course will cover basic types of professional pastoral care and counseling that have become normative for traditional Protestantism in the 21st century, along with more recently articulated African-American and feminist approaches.

TPM6005 Introduction to Christian Spirituality

In this introductory course important facets of Christian Spirituality will be highlighted. Spirituality will be examined in relationship to theology, faith, psychology, history, and culture.

TPM6006 Introduction to/Enrichment of Spirituality

TPM7001 Church Management for the 21st Century

This course will explore issues of organizational change, church financial management, mobilizing volunteers, analysis of ministry context, personnel management, building utilization, and creating effective evangelism and mission programs. A portion of this course will include dialogue with practicing pastors from the Detroit area in their context of ministry.

TPM7002 Advanced Preaching

The second level course in preaching is designed to enable you to build on the basic skills developed in the foundational course. This course offers advanced insights and skills development needed for specific types of preaching. Prerequisite TPM 6002.

TPM7003 Church Leadership for the 21st Century

This course explores the personal leadership styles, values and principles of a congregational leader, especially as they are manifest in non-church, mission culture of our time.

TPM7004 Interreligious Dialogue

The emphasis of this course is on conversation with the authoritative voices that represent
diverse religious communities and living religions in America today, including imams, rabbis
and priests. You will also learn the basic principles of the world’s religions as you visit
mosques, temples, and gardens.

TPM7005 Christian Spirituality II

TPMT7001 Principles and Practices of Church Music

This course studies the history, theology and practice of Christian worship and music. It
examines the relationship between theology and worship by examining the biblical basis for
worship, the history of Christian liturgy and contemporary worship.

TPMT7002 Baptist History and Polity

The Baptist History and Polity Course gives students critical understanding and appreciation of Baptist life, thought, and practice through 400 years of history.

TPMT7003 Presbyterian Worship and Sacraments

This course focuses on elements of critical reflection on tradition and contemporary issues, especially in the area the leadership of worship for Presbyterian (USA) students who seek to be teaching elders, commissioned ruling elders, and educators.

TPMT7004 Art & Spirituality

UM101 Community Seminar in Urban Ministry

This course is an introduction to ministry in the urban setting. Through site visits and classroom discussions, the theology and practice of ministry in the city is examined and evaluated.