The Prophetic Tradition - BS7004



Brandon R. GrafiusAssistant Professor of Biblical Studies
James WaddellAssociate Professor of Biblical Studies

This course is the second general course in Old Testament and is required at most of the cooperating seminaries. You will explore the central role that the prophetic movement played in ancient Israel with special attention to the defining role of the free-lance prophetic movement and its institutionalization in “prophetic schools” which facilitated the transition from charismatic figure to religious text. The central dynamic of the relationship of this prophetic material to subsequent Deuteronomic materials is given particular emphasis. You will devote significant attention to the rise of wisdom, cultic and other special historical interests that grew up around the prophetic movement and interacted with it. You will learn to write a carefully researched and argued exegetical paper on a particular text taken from this material and give attention to its application to the problems of contemporary American life.