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Degree Programs / Continuing Education


ETS welcomes students who have already completed their Master’s degree to use any course not already represented on their transcript for continuing education. A 4-credit course will count as 4 Continuing Education (CE) Units, and the student will receive a certificate upon completion. CE students are expected to participate fully in the course and complete all assigned work. CE students will receive a Pass/Fail grade for the course.

Continuing Education

Degree Programs

Master of Divinity

Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

Master of Arts (Academic)


Certificate in Theological Studies

Continuing Education

Urban Ministry Diploma

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Like many other top tier schools and seminaries, Ecumenical Theological Seminary is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools and Commission for Accrediting (ATS).

Hiring institutions, churches, denominations, etc., view a degree from an accredited school as an invaluable necessity because of the recognized quality and proven academic rigor of the institution provided.

We promote ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and action across a spectrum of faith tradition.  We facilitate relationships among city, suburban and rural congregation and colleagues.

We encourage members of our learning community to evaluate and utilize insights from broad spectrums of faith, culture and life experiences.

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ETS Continuing Education Certificates

ETS offers continuing education classes for professional development. These courses are designed for pastors and lay leaders, as well as corporate and small business employees. One continuing education class offers four (4) Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Taking four classes in a specific area will result in earning 16 CEUs and a Continuing Education Certificate (CEC). These classes are available for those who are not seeking a degree, but are interested in professional development.

Program Information

CE students must possess a theological Master’s degree from an accredited institution. (Students without a Master’s may either audit courses, take workshops, or enroll in a program to pursue a Master’s degree.)

Students applying for CE must fill out the application on the ETS website. The only additional requirements are unofficial transcripts indicating the completion of a Master’s degree.

The cost for taking a Master’s course as a CE student is $1000. This is less than half of our standard tuition cost, in an effort to acknowledge and honor the work of pastors and other ministry practitioners, as well as to show appreciation for the prior academic work represented by their Master’s degree.

Current 2020/21 Offerings

Certificate in Pastoral Care

Provides students with a specialized focus on the pastoral care of souls in settings like local congregations, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

Certificate in African American Religion

This certificate is not only designed to give voice and agency to African American seminarians in ministry but it will also provide guidance and understanding of the structure and function of the African American Church for seminarians who are not African American. 

Certificate in Race, Racism and Diversity

This certificate responds to the emergence of both Black Lives Matter in the streets and COVID-19 in our bodies today as part of the five-century long crisis of settler colonialism and white supremacy.

Future Offerings

This is the most flexible of all the Certificates at ETS and allows you to combine any four classes from the other Certificates which focus on current issues of social justice.

​Certificate in Pre-Chaplaincy

This certificate introduces students to the ministry of Chaplaincy.  It is designed to prepare students to navigate the complex structure of chaplaincy education (CPE).

Cost of Classes

There is no registration fee for these classes. The following fee schedule does not include the cost of books required for the class.

Audit | $600 per 4 credit hour class

No credit, no graded assignments

CEUs | $1000 per 4-credit hour class

Four (4) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be awarded after successful completion of one class

CECs | $1000 per 4-credit hour class

One Continuing Education Certificate (CEC) will be awarded after successful completion of four classes in a specific concentration. Sixteen (16) CEUs will also be awarded. Full participation is required.

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