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Leave of Absence

LEAVE OF ABSENCE POLICY:  A leave of absence is granted for no more than 180 days within one year.  The request for a leave of absence requires the completion and submission of this form, payment of outstanding tuition, fees and library fines, and return of all library materials.  If you need more than 180 days, you may voluntarily withdraw from the program and apply for reinstatement when you are ready to resume studies. 


Change of Status

Please sign an date one of the two choices listed below:

1.  I am requesting a leave of absence for the _______ - _______ Academic Year.

2.  Requested date to start leave:  ____________  Requested date to end leave:  ____________

Reason for Leave of Absence: ___________________________________________________________________________________

The student must secure the following signatures before submitting this form to the Registrar.

The Program Director discusses application with Academic Dean to secure approval or disapproval.

Leave Granted:

The Program Director will contact the student re:  approval or disapproval.

the program Director will submit copies of completed form to:  student, Registrar's office (original), Program Director, Finance Office.

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