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Degree Programs / Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry


The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) program is designed to meet students' needs for pastoral-theological formation for ministry outside the local congregtion in a variety of professional venues that desire practical ministerial leadership skills, but do not require a Master of Divinity degree.


Degree Programs

Master of Divinity

Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

Master of Arts (Academic)


Certificate in Theological Studies

Continuing Education

Urban Ministry Diploma

Program Information

  • Total Required Credit Hours: 56 Quarter Credit Hours

  • Recommended Time to Complete: 2 Years

  • Maximum Time to Completion of the Degree: 10 Years

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry program (MAPM) has been available at Ecumenical Theological Seminary since 2006. The MAPM received full approval and accreditation from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in March of 2010. This program represents a distinctive approach to theological education. It is grounded in an ethics-praxis and social justice orientation. You will take courses that are focused primarily on practical training as well as more theoretical courses such as biblical studies, theology, and church history. This combination of courses will provide you with the resources you will need to do ministry in our complex society. Completion of the MAPM degree generally requires a minimum of two years of full-time study or 3-5 years of part-time study.


The MAPM degree program offers you the opportunity to shape your learning experience to help you prepare for a variety of ministries. It also allows you to concentrate on a particular ministry. The style of learning at ETS is one of dialogue, knowing from where you come, but also listening to others with varied experiences. All of your course work is undertaken in the ethical awareness of diverse ethnic and racial communities that characterize ETS, the global reach of educational technology, and the contemporary reality of a plurality of Christianities and faith communities.


The MAPM degree is a 56-quarter hour program (the rough equivalent of 36 semester credits) designed to meet your needs for pastoral-theological formation for ministry in a variety of professional venues beyond the local congregation. The curriculum is shaped by the conviction that the best preparation for ministry will include study in scripture, theology, ethics, church history, and pastoral/ professional skill formation.


The MAPM degree program gives our students choices by offering two tracks to complete the MAPM. The Traditional MAPM Track and the Urban Transformation and Renewal MAPM Track.

ATS Accreditation Standards for the MAPM


In compliance with ATS accreditation Standards, the MAPM has a ten-year limit for time to completion of the degree. Beyond the ten-year limit, special permission must be secured from the Academic Dean in order for the degree to be conferred. Students must take this requirement into account when considering part-time study.

Traditional Ecumenical Ministry MAPM Track

The Traditional MAPM Track consists of nine foundational “core” courses (36 qtr credits), two elective courses, Field Education, and the Final Project. The required courses give a solid base in the essential areas listed above. The elective course work offers support to individual learning and ministerial needs. Field Education and Final Project provide experience-based learning that will help you to integrate your academic studies with real life ministry.

Urban Transformation and Renewal MAPM Track

The Urban Transformation and Renewal MAPM Track consists of six foundational “core” courses (24 qtr credits), 8 elective courses, and two quarters of Field Education. The elective courses require the students to concentrate their electives in two specialized Masters Certificates of their choosing.

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The MAPM Pre-Doctoral Concentration

Students who are interested in entering the Doctor of Ministry program at ETS who have a master’s degree other than a Master of Divinity may complete an MAPM Pre-doctoral concentration designed to address prerequisites for entry into the D.Min. program. 

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Field Education for the MAPM Program

FE 7001, 7002 Field Education.  Toward the middle of your program, you will engage in Field Education (FE). This is the seminary’s internship requirement that provides an opportunity for you to engage in experience-based learning in a supervised ministerial setting.

Admission Requirements

Registration Deadlines

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James Waddell

Director of the Masters Programs

Professor of Biblical Studies

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