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The ETS Launches New Masters Level Certificate Classes for Pastors, Lay Leaders and Professionals

The Ecumenical Theological Seminary (ETS) is launching a new Masters Level Continuing Education Certificate class series designed for pastors and lay leaders. Certificate Education Units (CEUs) are also available for corporate and small business employees seeking spiritually-focused professional development.

“We are excited about these new offerings,” said Samuel V. White, III, academic dean of the seminary. “This course series is in response to the current racial climate and our country’s heightened consciousness of social justice. There is an urgent need for healing at all levels of society … the church, the family, the community and within corporate settings. It calls upon anyone who has a desire to help others to prepare themselves for work in the areas of racism and diversity, grief counseling, chaplaincy and working in the community.”

Tracks of study focus on social justice issues like Race, Racism and Diversity, African American Religion and Pre-Chaplaincy and are available for those who are not seeking a degree. Classes are being offered in the areas of Urban Transformation and Renewal and Traditional/Ecumenical Education. Students can enroll in any one of four certificate offerings, including:

  • Certificate in African American Religion

  • Certificate in Race, Racism and Diversity

  • Certificate in Pastoral Care

  • Certificate in Pre-Chaplaincy

Each certificate requires the completion of four classes. There is no registration fee; costs range from $200 per 4 credit hour class to Audit, $600 per 4-credit hour class for Continuing Education Units and $600 per 4-credit hour class for Continuing Education Certificates. One continuing Education Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of four classes in a specific concentration. Sixteen (16) CEUs will also be awarded. Classes will be offered four times throughout the year in weekend intensives.

An urban-based accredited seminary in the heart of Detroit, ETS prepares students to meet the challenges of ministry in urban centers. The seminary serves students with a wide variety of educational backgrounds and vocational goals and brings together members of various religious communities in an ecumenical learning environment. Graduates are prepared to lead communities of faith while sharing the fullness of God’s love in relation to various ecumenical, interfaith, political, social economic, and cultural contexts.

For more information, contact the Ecumenical Theological Seminary at 313-831-5200, or visit

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