James Waddell, S.T.M., Ph.D.

Director of the Masters Programs

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

The Masters Certificates are designed to allow you as an ETS Masters student to concentrate your elective classes in a specific area of specialization. The intent is to give you the training you desire and to make you more marketable to an interviewing or calling congregation. The Masters Certificates are also designed to reflect both traditional ministry needs (Traditional/Ecumenical track) and social justice ministry (Urban Transformation and Renewal track). Masters Certificate classes vary from year to year, but the intent is to offer two to four different Masters Certificate concentrations in any given academic year.


These Certificates are also available to non-degree seeking individuals as Continuing Education Certificates (CEC). CECs are valuable to pastors and lay leaders in the church. CECs are also valuable for corporate and small businesses employees seeking professional development. CECs may be earned by audit or some other arrangement with ETS.

Traditional/Ecumenical Track Masters Certificates
Requirement - 4 Classes for Each Certificate
Faith Development Programs
Certificate in Pastoral Care
Certificate in Pre-Chaplaincy Studies
Family At Church
Certificate in Family Ministry
Certificate in Community Worship
Urban Transformation and Renewal Masters Certificates
Requirement - 4 Classes for Each Certificate
Holding Hands
Certificate in Social Justice
Foggy Forest
Certificate in Environmental Justice
Chuch Choir
Certificate in African American Religion
Police Cars
Certificate in Race, Racism and Diversity
Bible Lesson
Certificate in Interfaith Dialogue & Cooperation