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ETS 2019 Graduate Spotlight: Carolyn George

ETS: What degree did you receive? George:  A diploma in Urban Ministry

ETS: What do you do now for work? George:  I’m a retired United Airlines flight attendant. Since 2014, I have been a volunteer at St. Anthony’s Ecumenical Catholic Church in Detroit. I manage our food and clothing pantry, and I am a Sister of the New Order of St. Francis and St.Clair.

ETS: What are your goals/plans now that you have graduated? George: I will continue with internal studies in order to become a deacon in our church. Two years in the Urban Ministry program has strengthened me for our neighborhood ministry.

ETS: Why did you choose ETS? George: There were two choices in Detroit. Bishop Karl and I met with Professor Grafius to discuss the path he would recommend. The Urban Ministry program fit perfectly and I knew this choice would suit me better.

ETS: How did you hear about ETS? George: Bishop Karl was aware of the school.

ETS: What was the best part of your experience at ETS? George: You are set up for success at ETS. The professors we worked with were extraordinary. My fellow classmates were inspirational. ETS staff were supportive and involved. A deeper understanding of the Bible was the best part of my experience at ETS.

ETS: What would you tell anyone who asks, “Why go to seminary?” George: If you are interested in traveling deep into the Bible, challenging yourself in a diverse, stimulating classroom setting and understanding how your calling will help your fellow human being, then this seminary will fill these needs.

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