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JOB POSTING: ETS Recruitment Coordinator

Position Title: Temporary – Recruitment Coordinator

Reports to: Executive Assistant to the President - Academic

Full Time: Exempt (Minimum 32 hours a week)

This is a temporary position responsible for the recruitment process. The Recruitment Coordinator will assist with the admissions process as needed.

Specific duties and responsibilities of this position include:


  • Develop and implement recruiting strategies

  • Coordinate with ETS’s marketing staff to identify and contact potential recruits

  • Maintain frequent contact with potential applicants

  • Develop relations with pastors, churches, denominational leaders and other community leaders

  • Plan and direct recruitment events, including coordination with staff and faculty

  • Maintain recruitment materials, and ensure that the recruitment material on the ETS website is up-to-date and accurate

  • Maintain social media presence

  • Track measurable facets of the recruitment process through monthly reports to the Executive Assistant to the President-Academic

  • Set quarterly targets for new admissions

  • Assist with admissions duties as required

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